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Ownership and Funding



Hindustan Prime is an online platform dedicated to journalism, offering a comprehensive range of news articles covering both domestic and global affairs to its readership. Established in the year 2019 by Mr. Ravi Kumar M, the organization has garnered a reputation for being a dependable purveyor of news. The newsroom is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals, including reporters, editors, and journalists, who tirelessly strive to provide news coverage of exceptional quality.

The website consists of several teams dedicated to Sandalwood entertainment and astrological assistance. The Sandalwood team is responsible for reporting news pertaining to the Kannada cinema industry, while the astrological team offers horoscopes and astrological guidance to users.

The website does not solicit contributions from its readers; instead, it maintains relationships with many advertising suppliers to facilitate the display of advertisements throughout its platform. This approach is used to generate revenue and offset the operational costs incurred by the organization.

Hindustan Prime adheres to an autonomous approach to obtaining news, ensuring its freedom from any commercial or political influences. The website refrains from accepting gifts or sponsored trips in order to prevent any potential conflicts of interest or the perception thereof. If a website is dependent on an organization for a product or admission to an event, it is obligated to declare this connection and acknowledge it within the appropriate work. The newsroom is effectively shielded from the influence of advertising and underwriters by the implementation of a protective barrier.

The website is a privately held entity that has been legally formed under the Companies Act of 1956 and operates in complete compliance with the corporate legislation of India. The organization has successfully established comprehensive accounting systems and has shown adherence to data privacy regulations in a manner consistent with legal requirements.

In addition to its official website, Hindustan Prime also maintains a presence on the popular social media platform, Facebook.



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