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Hindustan Prime is a 24-hour media news website, we provide you with the Latest Breaking news, Current affairs, Technology, Automobiles and Karnataka news.


Hindustan Prime operates the website hindustanprime.in. One of the news websites established under Hindustan Prime is Hindustan Prime. Hindustan Prime will be referred to as Hindustan Prime from now on. to improve public access to general information, news, and current affairs. This service is provided “as is” and is constantly being developed.

Hindustan Prime believes in honesty and openness. As a result, Hindustan Prime will swiftly correct any errors. Fullness and freshness of information are two indisputable characteristics in the realm of online media, and Hindustan Prime feels that accuracy is equally important; we ensure prompt revisions where necessary.

Hindustan Prime is committed to telling its readers when it makes a mistake (no matter how large or minor), expressing the gravity of the error, and delivering the proper information as soon as the error is brought to their knowledge.

When a mistake is discovered in an article, Hindustan Prime works quickly to locate the proper material and clearly display the revisions wherever feasible within the article. The following changes will be made:

  1. This is the correct information.
  2. The information that was initially released was erroneous.
  3. The date (and time, if provided) on which the change occurred
  4. The method for reporting problems from within articles is simplified by including an email address and contact form at the top of each article.

When inaccuracies cannot be corrected inside the body of an article’s content, they are explicitly displayed in the last paragraph of the news item. Rather than removing the article that included the error, we give an explanation and acknowledgement of our errors to maintain openness.

To err is to be human. Hindustan Prime believes in prompt error recognition and correction. At the bottom of each article containing a correction, the words ‘Update’ are printed in prominent letters. Hindustan Prime encourages website visitors to submit potential corrections via the Contact Page.